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tank farm, oil storage in Rotterdam
Gse-Bizz BV

About Us

Our expertise extends to commodity transportation terminals, tank farms and storage facilities. Gse-Bizz BV also moves petroleum products across Rotterdam through a network of pipelines, processing plants, refinery-connected storage facilities and deep-water marine terminals with import and export capabilities.

Our tank farms are privatedly owned and independently managed by our team of competent staff. We have large industrial resources for the storage of oil and petroleum products before these products are formally transported to the end users or further to storage facilities.

The products which reach our tank farms are from the refineries and suitable for delivery to customers because our tank farms are modern and comprise various types of tankage, pipelines, and gantries with a greater degree of automation as significant changes in depot operations.

Gse-Bizz BV works with experienced staff

Our Terminaling is based in Rotterdam, Netherlands. and employs over 1,400 manpower across our operations. Our employees represent some of the best in the business, backed by decades of industry experience.

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  • Kazernestraat 10, 5928 NL, Venlo, Netherlands